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7 daily exercises that can promote your health

1. Swimming

Compared with other sports, swimming consumes more energy and has a good weight loss effect. In addition, because water can buffer the human body when swimming in the water, the wear of human joints or bones is relatively light, which is conducive to protecting the body to the greatest extent and achieving the purpose of exercise and fitness at the same time.

2. Jogging

Jogging for about half an hour every morning is also a good way to exercise. Because in the process of jogging, can not only consume calories, help control weight, but also enhance cardiopulmonary function, exercise the ability of human heart muscle, and enhance physical fitness.

3. Long-distance running

If you have strong endurance, you can also choose long-distance running. During long-distance running, the function of the heart can be effectively improved, and the blood circulation and metabolism of the body will be faster, which will help keep the body organs active and make people younger.

4. Squat

Many people like to do squats, which is also good for their health. Regular squats, in addition to improving cardiopulmonary function, can also exercise the muscles of the buttocks and legs, and have a significant effect on the stovepipe. But be careful, the squat must be done in place.

5. Plank support

Plank support is one of the most popular sports at the moment. Although plank support doesn't seem to require movement, when doing this exercise, people's muscles will be tense, which will consume calories and achieve the effect of exercise. Therefore, people who do not have enough time can choose to do plank support every day for about 3 minutes.



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