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About vitamins, you must know four common sense

When we are deficient in different vitamins, the body sends out different signals. However, vitamin supplementation also requires the correct method, not blindly supplementing, but scientific and reasonable vitamin supplementation.

1. Common symptoms of vitamin deficiency

Lack of vitamin A: dry cornea, dry hair, poor adaptability to the dark environment;

Lack of vitamin B: frequent oral ulcers, seborrheic dermatitis, rough skin, blurred vision, etc.;

Lack of vitamin C: fatigue, poor appetite, irritability, swollen gums, pain, and bleeding;

Lack of vitamin D: low-grade fever, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia;

Lack of vitamin E: restlessness, edema, infertility, split ends, pigmentation.

2. Some compounds are mistaken for vitamins, such as vitamin B4, vitamin F, vitamin K, and vitamin P are all compounds.

3. Most people can get vitamins through their diet, not everyone is deficient in vitamins. Multivitamins need to work together, and taking one or two in large amounts has limited effect.

4. The most natural vitamins should be taken from the normal diet. Vitamin supplementation should not be excessive. It is best to have the guidance of a doctor and a nutritionist.

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