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Active ingredients of elderberry extract

Anthocyanin is an important active ingredient in elderberry extract, anthocyanin content: concentration 0.353%. About 200-1000mg of purified anthocyanins per 100 grams of elderberry extract.

Anthocyanin has an antioxidant effect and is also the most powerful free radical scavenger. Its antioxidant performance is 50 times higher than that of VC and 20 times higher than that of VE! It protects the body from damage by harmful substances called free radicals. Also has anti-mutagenic properties, improves the circulatory system and skin smoothness, inhibits inflammation and allergies, and improves joint flexibility.

The specific effects of anthocyanins include:

1. It can prevent a variety of diseases related to free radicals.

2. It can reduce the occurrence of stroke and heart disease.

3. It can enhance the function of the immune system.

4. It has anti-mutation and anti-inflammatory effects.

5. It can relieve some allergies and hay fever.

6. It can enhance the blood circulation of the whole body and enhance the vitality of cells, and promote blood circulation.



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