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An irregular diet can cause these problems

Diet is closely related to physical health. What health problems will occur if the diet is irregular for a long time?

1. Causing gastrointestinal diseases

When starving, there is no food in the stomach for the stomach acid to run in, the stomach acid will erode the gastric mucosa, and starvation for a long time may cause gastric perforation. However, eating too much suddenly forces the stomach to expand to deliver stored food, which can lead to gastrointestinal inflammation.

2. Causing nutritional imbalance

A long-term irregular diet will make the body unable to obtain the nutrients it needs in time, which may easily cause anemia, premature aging, and osteoporosis.

3. Causing indigestion

A long-term irregular diet will slow down the reflex of the stomach. Even if there is only a little food in the stomach, it is difficult for the stomach to digest it in time, and it is easy to accumulate in the stomach, causing discomfort to the stomach.

4. Causing osteoporosis

Investigations have found that people who eat irregularly for a long time have a much lower bone density than those who eat regularly, that is, very poor eating habits may induce osteoporosis.



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