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Application of plant extracts in research and development of healthcare food

In recent years, plant extracts have been widely used in the development and production of healthcare food. Plant extracts include polysaccharides, flavonoids, glycosides, acids, and other compounds, which are the healthcare food base materials needed in the research and development process of healthcare food. Common ones are chlorogenic acid extracted from honeysuckle, forsythin extracted from forsythia, and yam polysaccharide extracted from yam. Widely used in the production of healthy food.

Healthcare food refers to food that has specific functions and is suitable for consumption by specific groups of people, regulates body functions, and is not for the purpose of treating diseases. In addition to the nutrition and sensory functions of ordinary food, healthcare food has two functions. There is also the third major function of regulating physiological activities, its important role in promoting body health, breaking through sub-health, and eliminating diseases. There is a strict distinction between healthcare food and pharmaceuticals, and it must not be considered that healthcare food is an intermediate product or a medicated product between food and medicine.

Plant extracts use modern separation, extraction, purification, culture, and manufacturing technologies to separate and extract the active ingredients from plants and maximize their biological activity, and then use plant extracts as raw materials according to the needs of different groups of people. Preparation, through reasonable processing technology, to produce a series of real healthcare food in the scientific sense.

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