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Application of tea polyphenols extracted from green tea

One of the compounds in green tea extract, called tea polyphenols, has been found to be effective in slowing the oxidative activity of other substances due to their unique molecular structure. Due to the existence of tea polyphenols in green tea extract, its effects are numerous and can be seen in various medical and health products.

Thirty percent of green tea extract is tea polyphenols, tea polyphenols can effectively reduce the blood lipid in the human body, which is good news for many patients with three high. In addition, green tea extract has new antioxidant properties. The aging of cells is due to the feeding effect, so many cosmetics are to use tea polyphenols to resist the aging of human face skin.

In addition, due to the special molecular structure of tea polyphenols, it can react with alcohol quickly and turn alcohol into water. So green tea extract also has excellent ability to cure alcohol. In addition, tea polyphenols have the role of sterilization and detoxification, resistance to mildew.

Green tea extract is widely used in medicine and health care, such as tea polyphenol capsules for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tea juice tablets for leukopenia, tea polyphenol tablets for throat inflammation and other diseases, etc. In the aspect of medical care, there are all kinds of health care tea such as TV tea to prevent TV radiation and tea to reduce weight. In terms of cosmetics, there are tea polyphenol sunscreen, tea polyphenol skin cream, tea polyphenol cool bath lotion, tea deodorant, dental toothpaste and so on.

In foreign countries, various single compound preparations with different specifications have been made from green tea extract.

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