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Can Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Help You Lose Weight?

The calories we consume in our body every day mainly include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. To lose weight, we need to consume more calories. The weight loss effect of green coffee bean extract mainly comes from one ingredient - chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a phenylpropanoid compound produced by plants during aerobic respiration.

Chlorogenic acid can be used for weight loss because it inhibits glucose-6-phosphatase after a meal, thereby reducing the release of glucose into the bloodstream and allowing the body to absorb fewer calories.

Green Coffee Beans

In addition to helping us lose weight, chlorogenic acid, the ingredient in green coffee beans, has other uses, and it also has special effects on human metabolism. Green coffee beans can help the precipitation of consistent fat. For obese people, it can reduce the conversion of sugar to fat, delay intestinal emptying, increase fat consumption and reduce weight.

Second, green coffee bean extract can up-regulate insulin secretion and help control blood sugar. People who take it daily have a significantly lower risk of diabetes progression.



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