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Can green tea extract promote gut health and help lower blood sugar levels?

Preclinical evidence suggests that catechin-rich green tea extract (GTE) can help improve gut barrier function and reduce systemic inflammation in the gut and body.

With the rapid development of modern science, people gradually understand that green tea extracts play a role in health mainly due to catechins in tea polyphenols. Anti-aging, etc. However, there has been a lot of controversy among scientists about whether green tea can regulate and improve blood sugar. Some people think that the catechins contained in green tea can delay the absorption of sugar in the small intestine, while some people think that green tea has no effect on blood sugar.

Recently, a study by American scientists found that green tea can effectively improve fasting blood sugar, but this improvement is not as expected, but is related to the reduction of intestinal inflammation. The research was published in Current Developments in Nutrition. The results showed that, regardless of the population, supplementation with green tea extract can reduce fasting blood sugar and intestinal inflammation indicators, which indicates that green tea can improve fasting blood sugar and reduce intestinal inflammation.

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