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Can long-term consumption of grape seed extract health products really whiten the skin?

When it comes to grape seeds, many people have misconceptions about fresh grape seeds and grape seed extract supplements.

Fresh grape seeds: After the grape seeds in the grapes are eaten into the body, because of the many tannins in them, the taste is bitter and difficult to swallow, and it will affect digestion if not chewed.

Grape seed extract healthcare product: The raw material is fresh grape seeds, but after a series of processing and extraction, the ineffective ingredients in grape seeds are abandoned, and the essential ingredients in grape seeds are integrated.

The main value components in grape seed extract: are proanthocyanidins, protein-containing various amino acids, and grape seed oil.

We all know that anthocyanins have good antioxidant properties. Compared with vitamin C with the same effect, its effect is 20 times higher than that of vitamin C? Therefore, proanthocyanidins, which have strong scavenging free radicals, do have the effect of beauty and whitening.



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