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Can Tribulus Terrestris extract have anti-aging effects?

Tribulus Terrestris extract is a product extracted from the fruit or whole plant of Tribulus Terrestris. It contains a lot of saponins, which play an important role in physical health or healthcare.

In addition to saponins, there are also flavonoids or alkaloids, active ingredients, etc., which are very helpful for improving health. In particular, it has a certain regulating effect on the cardiovascular system, which can not only effectively achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure, but also have a very good effect on enhancing the contractility of the myocardium or slowing down the heart rate.

But what we are most concerned about is whether the Tribulus Terrestris extract can play an anti-aging effect. The correct use of Tribulus Terrestris extract can not only improve the anti-hypoxia and other effects of the human body but also act on anti-aging and anti-aging.

Because Tribulus Terrestris is an anabolic plant, it enhances progesterone secretion, which in turn has the ability to alter testosterone levels.



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