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Can you eat watermelon every day in summer?

On a hot summer day, nothing beats a chilled watermelon. So the question is, can you eat watermelon every day in summer?

When eating watermelon in summer, you need to pay attention to:

1. Don't eat too much, it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach

Since watermelon is a cool food, we should pay attention not to eat too much at one time, to avoid coldness and cause bad spleen and stomach, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

2. Watermelons that have been opened for too long cannot be eaten

In summer, the temperature is relatively high. If the watermelon is left open for too long, it is easy to breed bacteria. If it is eaten, it will cause intestinal diseases.

3. Be careful with food for some special groups

Although eating watermelon in summer is in line with the weather, it is not suitable for all people. Because watermelon is high in sugar, for diabetic patients, it may cause blood sugar to spike, so you must be careful when eating it.

4. People with renal insufficiency should eat less

Watermelon contains very high water content, so people with renal insufficiency who have abnormal urination should also pay attention, otherwise, it will lead to water retention, which will increase the burden on the heart.



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