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Caring for women's health

Modern women not only have to take care of their careers but also their families. Women are often like this. When they love others, they are very careful, but when they love themselves, they are as careless as men. Therefore, they often ignore their own bodies. healthy! As a woman, you should pay more attention to your own health.

1. Establish a healthy lifestyle and good behavior

A large number of studies have proved that among the factors that determine a person's health, personal lifestyle and behavior are the main factors, accounting for 60%, and other factors include genetic factors 15%, environmental factors 17%, and medical factors 8%.

2. Maintain reproductive health

Women's reproductive health needs to be carefully maintained, as it directly affects not only the overall health of women but also the well-being of children and families.

3. Pay attention to mental health

Compared with men, women are more sensitive, sentimental, and prone to emotional fluctuations. Therefore, it is very important to maintain and cultivate optimistic and positive emotions, treat things with an open-minded and tolerant attitude, and pay attention to maintaining mental health.



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