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Citrus aurantium extract - how synephrine works in medicine

Citrus aurantium extract is an active ingredient isolated from the dried young fruit of Citrus aurantium L. or Citrus sinensis Osbeck, a rutaceae plant. The main components of Citrus aurantium extract are hesperidin, neohesperidin, nobiletin, auranetin, aurantiamarin, nuringin, synephrine, limonin.

Synephrine, one of the main active ingredients directly extracted from Citrus aurantium L., is effective in preventing excess energy (accumulation of calories), warming the stomach, promoting appetite, and accelerating metabolism.

Citrus aurantium extract - synephrine

Studies have found that the main effects of Citrus aurantium extract - synephrine are fat oxidation and weight loss. Therefore, synephrine is often used as an active ingredient in weight loss drugs and is widely used in medicine, food, beverage, and other healthcare industries. Because it is extracted from natural plants, the market for synephrine will continue to increase.

Secondly, synephrine has the effect of constricting blood vessels and increasing blood pressure. Therefore, in clinical synephrine is mainly used for the treatment of bronchial asthma and hypotension during surgery and anesthesia, collapse and shock, and orthostatic hypotension.

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