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Compared with other moisturizers, what are the advantages of sodium hyaluronate?

Sodium hyaluronate, white to milky white powder in appearance, is a physiologically active substance widely present in the human body.

Sodium hyaluronate is an inherent component of the human body. It is a glucuronic acid without species specificity. It is widely found in the placenta, lens, articular cartilage, skin dermis, and other tissues; In the cytoplasm and intercellular substance, it lubricates and nourishes the cells and cellular organs contained therein.

Sodium hyaluronate is widely used in the field of cosmetics and has a moisturizing effect. Sodium hyaluronate is an important molecule that affects skin moisture. The decrease of skin sodium hyaluronate will weaken the skin's water retention function and cause wrinkles, so it is necessary to supplement sodium hyaluronate.

Compared with other moisturizing agents, sodium hyaluronate is an inherent biological substance of the skin, and exogenous sodium hyaluronate is an endogenous supplement to the skin. Smaller sodium hyaluronate can penetrate into the epidermis layer of the skin to promote the supply of skin nutrients and the excretion of waste, thereby preventing skin aging and playing a role in beauty.



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