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Do you have to exercise to stay healthy?

We often say that moderate exercise is good for health, and we also often think that there is a J-shaped curve relationship between exercise and mortality. The so-called J-shaped curve means that too little or too much exercise will lead to an increased risk of death. It's easy to understand that the decline in condition, the susceptibility to chronic disease, and the greatly increased risk of death, are why we keep telling everyone to exercise more because today we are used to being sedentary and severely lacking in exercise. But too much exercise or excessive exercise can also increase health risks, so we often say that excessive exercise is harmful to health.

Insufficient exercise and excessive exercise are not good. Only moderate exercise is good for health. This seems to be our common sense, but is common sense necessarily equal to the truth? In particular, the topic of whether excessive exercise is really harmful is often controversial. Athletes, as a typical group that may have "excessive" exercise, are often mentioned by people. Too much exercise when athletes are young often leads to many injuries, which aggravates people's problems. Concerns that excessive exercise is seriously harmful to health.

There is no uniform upper limit for the amount of exercise, but everyone has their own upper limit. If your running volume soars and causes pain, then this amount is actually your running volume's upper limit. In addition to causing damage to the movement system, such as joints, excessive exercise can also damage the health of the heart.

Scientific research uses data to confirm that athletes who retire are still healthier than the general public, live longer and suffer less disease. For the general public, the important thing is to exercise scientifically. Gradually increase the amount of exercise. The more you exercise, the greater the health benefits. But remember to do what you can. There is no uniform upper limit to the amount of exercise, but there is an upper limit for everyone's exercise.



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