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Does Echinacea Extract Really Boost Immunity?

Echinacea extract can effectively prevent and treat various chronic and acute infections caused by any type of bacteria or virus, especially when administered before or early onset. In severe or critical care, Echinacea extract can be used as an adjunct to support other treatments.

According to research, Echinacea extract also has a strong boosting effect on the human immune system, including increasing the activity and number of various immune cells, such as white blood cells, T4 helper cells, and spleen cells. Therefore, echinacea extract can strengthen the body's resistance to various invading pathogens or toxins.

Applications of Echinacea Extract:

1. Application in healthcare products

As a dietary supplement, it can strengthen the immune system, resist viruses, and shorten the course of colds. The products in the market include Echinacea Complex Nutritional Tablets, Echinacea Drops, and Echinacea Essence Capsules.

2. Animal Healthcare

As a feed additive for poultry and livestock, it can prevent epidemic diseases, and at the same time can enhance and improve the immunity and resistance of poultry and livestock.



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