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Effect of Ginkgo biloba extract Ginkgo biflavonoids on the human body

The so-called ginkgo biflavonoid is a Ginkgo Biloba extract refined and refined by a specific chemical process with the natural plant Ginkgo Biloba as the basic raw material. Ginkgo biflavonoids have high medicinal value, so what are the effects of ginkgo biflavonoids on the human body?

1. Antioxidant effect

Ginkgo biflavonoids are natural antioxidants that can scavenge free radicals in the body. Therefore, long-term use of Ginkgo Bi-Brass health products can play a very good role in healthcare.

2. Delay retinopathy

The substances in ginkgo biflavonoids can delay or prevent retinopathy in the human eye, and play a certain role in eye protection.

3. Lower blood pressure

Ginkgo biflavonoids can increase the blood flow rate of the whole body and keep the body's blood pressure in an ideal state, so Ginkgo Biloba extract is used in medicine as adjuvant therapy for patients with hypertension.

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