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Fruit and vegetable enzyme powder, your best choice for detoxification and beauty

Enzyme powder is a kind of new resource food. Through the conditioning and maintenance of the intestinal tract, it can achieve intestinal cleansing, skincare, and have a good healthcare effect on the body. Fruit and vegetable enzyme powder is an enzyme powder made from pineapple, papaya, blueberry, psyllium husk, and other fruits and vegetables with unique high-tech technologies such as ultrafiltration concentration and freeze-drying. Enzyme powder is generally vacuum-packed in aluminum bags, which is more convenient, healthy, and hygienic than bottled and canned enzymes.

Enzyme powder is rich in hydrolytic enzymes. Hydrolytic enzymes mainly catalyze hydrolysis reactions. Important hydrolytic enzymes include amylase, lipase, and protease. Proteases can hydrolyze proteins, mainly producing peptides and amino acids. To regulate the gastrointestinal tract, increase digestion and absorption, and enhance physical fitness.

And now many people are facing obesity problems. There are many reasons for obesity, but the main ones are excess nutrition and excess energy. Enzyme powder can improve the digestive function of the body, promote the metabolism of fat, starch, and protein, and improve obesity caused by excess nutrition.



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