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Have you encountered several misunderstandings about diet and healthcare?

It is obvious that the elderly are very obsessed with all health programs and health products. One of the topics that middle-aged people most often communicate with their friends in healthcare.

Myth 1: Eating healthy food improves your health

This is probably the most widely circulated health perception. Every food is labeled, like chicken breast for muscle gain, apple for weight loss, blueberry for beauty…

This statement can't be wrong, but it's hard to get healthy if you only think about what foods to eat. This is because there are many types of nutrients and healthcare ingredients that people need, and they must be obtained from a variety of foods, and one or several "healthy" foods cannot meet all the needs of the human body.

Myth 2: Eating less food can lead to a long and healthy life

In recent years, eating less food has become a health trend. If it is true that you have eaten more than the body needs for nutrients and energy, then eating less is indeed beneficial to your health. The problem is, most people don't know if they're eating too much. For older people, their own protein synthesis ability will decline. If they eat less, it may lead to muscle loss and basal metabolism decline.

Myth 3: Plants and vegetarian food mean that they can prevent cancer and disease

If there is no nutrient supplement and no guidance from nutrition professionals, the elderly who eat vegan food for many years are more likely to suffer from malnutrition, and cannot help prevent high blood lipids, diabetes, and high blood pressure.



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