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Herbal extracts are not just one step of basic extraction

Herbal medicine extract is a more theoretical proper term. The level and characteristics of separation and extraction also include different specifications. Here is a brief description of ginseng as an example.

There are many components in ginseng, including ginsenosides, volatile oils, carbohydrates, glycogen, and other chemical substances, then only the most basic extraction is performed, and the chemical substances are extracted uniformly without further separation in many aspects, then the obtained compounds can be called ginseng extract. Generally, products of this kind of specifications are used as proportion extracts, such as 1:10 specifications, using 1g of the extract is equivalent to using 20g of ginseng Chinese medicinal materials.

2. Ginsenosides

The compounds after basic extraction can be further extracted and separated to obtain compounds such as ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are the key active substances for improving human immunity, but they can be further subdivided into dozens of different substances according to their medicinal value.

In fact, from the perspective of organic chemical separation, the separation technology of chemical components of traditional Chinese medicine has developed rapidly and achieved many active results at this stage, and the pharmacological research of single components is also very hot. From the perspective of the proper term of herbal medicine extract alone, it is true that the general boundaries of the category are blurred, and further scientific research and application must be carried out according to different main uses and their separation levels.



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