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How do identify the authenticity of health care products?

Health products contain a certain amount of functional ingredients, which can regulate the functions of the human body, have specific effects, and are suitable for specific groups of people. Health products cannot be directly used to treat diseases, they are body mechanism regulators and nutritional supplements. So how do ensure the quality of health care products?

1. When purchasing health products, ensure that they are purchased through formal channels

2. First look at whether there is a "little blue hat" of the Ministry of Health, which is a special sign made by the state to allow consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake health care products.

3. See whether the packaging is standardized and whether there are clear or unrecognizable parts.

4. Look at the GMP certification mark: GMP is an internationally accepted good production process and management standard for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, and is a compulsory item for the production of medicines and health products in many countries.

5. Look at the ingredient list: Consumers should carefully read the ingredient description of health care products.

6. Health food and cosmetics can be inquired about by the State Food and Drug Administration.



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