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How do regulate the poor digestive system of adults?

For adults, there are two reasons for poor digestion. First, the power of digestion is not enough, and the power of the stomach is weak. The second is insufficient secretion of digestive enzymes, including gastric acid, pepsin, pancreatic amylase, pancreatic lipase, pancreatic protease, bile, and small intestinal enzymes.

How do deal with poor digestion in adults?

Digestive problems in adults are mainly stress problems, such as high work and life pressure, tension, anxiety, panic, irritability, etc., which cause the blood of the bleeding digestive system to decrease, thus making the digestive system in a state of inhibition. Indigestion, joints, gout, etc. are mostly related to bad moods and affect the body.

Friends with the poor digestive systems must learn to adjust their influence on work and life pressure on themselves. Try to maintain emotional stability, especially when eating, to maintain a good mood, learn to relax, and eat happily.



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