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How effective are plant extracts in skin care products?

What are the functional ingredients in skin care products? Your answer must include vitamin A and vitamin E, etc., then you must have heard of the following plant extracts.

The roots, stems, leaves and fruits of ginseng contain ginsenosides and other active substances; in different parts of ginseng, the types and contents of active substances are different, which also makes the extracts of various plants in this genus both common and different.

Licorice extract contains a variety of active ingredients, such as glycyrrhizic acid, glycyrrhetic acid, and glabridin. These ingredients have similar effects, both whitening and anti-inflammatory, with anti-inflammatory being the top priority.

3.Mangosteen extract

Mangosteen extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. In particular, mangosteen extract can also inhibit the activity of gelatinase in the skin. Gelatinase can degrade gelatin. When gelatin is degraded, skin elasticity will decrease.

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