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How important is breakfast in modern life?

Breakfast needs to wake up various functions of the body and make the intestines move, so some solid food is needed. Full liquid milk, coffee, and juice are generally not considered, and the calories generally account for 10-20% of the whole day (200-400kCal).

Among the people who have successfully lost weight and maintained their ideal weight, researchers have conducted a survey and found that they all have an important habit of eating breakfast regularly. Comparing the people who have successfully lost weight and regained their weight, they will find that the percentage of people who have successfully maintained their weight eat breakfast regularly.

In addition to weight control, eating breakfast regularly has many benefits, not only reducing obesity but also reducing the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Eating breakfast reduces free fatty acids, reduces insulin resistance, and is beneficial to blood sugar control. When fasting in the morning, blood sugar is the lowest, and the body's metabolism and activities need to use stored fat. At this time, the freest fatty acids are produced. If a person has been exposed for several hours to a large number of fatty acids, it will accelerate insulin resistance, so people who do not eat breakfast often have a spike in blood sugar after lunch, and blood sugar fluctuations will cause insulin to secrete desperately.



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