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How to choose good quality organic spirulina powder or tablets?

In the past two or three decades, millions of people around the world have used spirulina as a safe food supplement, and it has even been called one of the most nutritious foods in the 21st century.

For healthcare people, spirulina supplement is undoubtedly a very ideal and reliable health food. Spirulina is also rich in various vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and phycocyanin, and other biologically active substances, which can be called the best source of human health and vitality.

So, how do you choose a good quality organic spirulina tablet?

1. Look at the logo

Conventional & Organic Spirulina powder is generally eaten as a dietary supplement. Regular spirulina products must have the official national health food approval number and the "Blue hat sign".

2. Look at the color

100% pure natural spirulina, no matter in the form of tablet or powder, is dark green in color, and it needs to be powdered to identify it.

3. Smell

Spirulina powder or spirulina tablets have a special seaweed smell and have no peculiar smell. If they have a rotten smell, they are likely to be inferior products.

4. Taste

Spirulina tastes umami and has a delicate, often slightly alkaline taste.



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