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How to choose high-quality Rhodiola Rosea products?

There are many varieties of Rhodiola Rosea, there are 96 species in the world and 73 species in China. The main application of Rhodiola Rosea at this stage is to resist altitude sickness, that is, anti-hypoxia.

Studies have shown that the higher the growth altitude of Rhodiola Rosea, the better the anti-hypoxia and anti-fatigue effects. The general Rhodiola grows at an altitude of about 1800-2000 meters, while the Rhodiola magnolia grows in the extremely cold and anoxic zone of the plateau above 5000 meters, and is the Rhodiola species with the highest growth altitude.

high-quality Rhodiola Rosea

When choosing Rhodiola Rosea products, how to choose to ensure good quality?

1. Check whether Rhodiola Rosea products are added

Rhodiola Rosea products have also become the darling of the market, followed by more and more additives in the products of Rhodiola Rosea, but it will take some time for these additives to achieve their effects, so when everyone buys, it is better to buy pure Rhodiola Rosea products.

2. Look at the content of salidroside

In fact, the quality of Rhodiola Rosea is generally based on the content of salidroside. The more salidroside, the better the quality of Rhodiola Rosea, and the higher the altitude, the more salidroside.

3. Taste

The method of taste test can detect the content of salidroside, the main active ingredient in Rhodiola Rosea extract. Generally, the more salidroside content, the more astringent taste of Rhodiola Rosea products, because salidroside mainly presents astringency.



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