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How to choose products that contain elderberry extract?

Studies have found that elderberry extract is rich in iron, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin C, etc. In addition, elderberry extract is rich in bioflavonoids, anthocyanins, and other high antioxidant substances. These anthocyanins and bioflavonoids have antiviral and immunity-boosting properties.

As the value of elderberries is recognized, many nutrition brands have launched elderberry products. So with so many elderberry products on the market, how should consumers choose?

products that contain elderberry extract

1. Product form

Since juice and powder are more conducive to increasing elderberry content, they are more suitable for infants and young children who need nutritional fortification. Gummies and tablets require chewing, are suitable for older children, and are relatively low in elderberry.

In general, the higher the content, the better the effect may be. The elderberry products currently on the market contain up to 12% elderberry extract. In addition, other nutrients are added, such as vitamin C, etc., which can be used as alternative nutrients.

3. Brand reputation

Generally, nutrition brands rarely only make single products. If you are not sure about purchasing products, you can learn about the reputation of other products of these brands.



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