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How to eat healthily for diabetics?

Diabetes is a well-known chronic disease, which is harmful to human health, but it is not a terminal disease. In fact, diabetes is not so scary. As long as you pay attention to your diet and control your blood sugar in an ideal state, people with diabetes can live a healthy life.

So how should diabetics eat healthily?

1. Eat whole grains

Diabetics should also have such cereals in their staple food for at least one meal a day, so that they can supplement the body with some phytochemicals that are beneficial to health, such as vitamin B and B vitamins for 30 days, and can play a good role in controlling blood sugar.

2. Five-color vegetables and fruits

The diet of diabetics should ensure that there are five-color vegetables and fruits every day, especially dark vegetables, which can reduce blood pressure, lipids, and blood sugar. In normal times, you can eat kale, carrots, eggplant, broccoli, lettuce, etc. Vegetables, you can also eat some fruits such as oranges and grapefruits and blueberries and kiwis in moderation.

3. Drink a glass of milk a day

Diabetics are prone to calcium deficiency, so calcium should be supplemented appropriately. Drinking a glass of milk every day is the most appropriate, you can drink milk or yogurt.

4. Try to eat soy foods every day

Diabetics should eat soy foods often, such as soybeans, black beans, and kidney beans, and can also eat some soy products in moderation. These foods are rich in dietary fiber and high-quality protein, and can also increase satiety.

5. Eat meat high in protein

Foods such as fish and eggs are rich in protein, and the quality of the protein is relatively high-quality. People with diabetes should often eat such foods, but they should be steamed or boiled to reduce oil and salt.

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