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How to maintain health in summer, remember these aspects

Summer is the hottest season of the year, what if maintenance is done in summer?

1. It is very important to prevent sun and sunstroke

Remember to wear a hat or bring a sunshade when going out, and sun protection will not only prevent your skin from darkening but also prevent your skin from getting sunburned due to strong ultraviolet rays. Secondly, the temperature in summer is high, and it is also very important to prevent heatstroke. Try to avoid going out around noon.

2. Add moisture

The temperature will speed up the rate of water shortage in the body, so drink water often in summer, or eat some vegetables and fruits with more water, and try to keep the body in a cool state.

3. Summer health depends on heat

In summer, do not choose to use cold water because of the high ambient temperature. Wipe your body with a hot towel, take a hot bath, soak your feet in hot water, and drink hot tea, which can not only enhance your physical fitness but also effectively prevent heat stroke and other heat symptoms.

4. Have a light diet

It is best to have a light diet in summer, avoid greasily, or excessive hunger, and maintain a good mood.



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