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If you want to lose weight, what time is the best time to eat dinner?

As we all know, dinner is the most important meal during weight loss. So what time to eat dinner and what to eat for dinner has become a very important topic.

It needs to be divided into two cases:

One is to exercise first and then eat: the advantage is that the exercise time can be arranged a little earlier. At 6-7 o'clock, it is not restricted by the mealtime, because you cannot exercise just after eating. The disadvantage is that the body is hungry after exercise, which may cause you to eat more than normal, and dinner time will be late.

The other is to eat first and then exercise: the advantage is that the amount of food can be well controlled, but the disadvantage is that the exercise time may be relatively late.

If you exercise first, you can split one dinner into two to eat. The purpose of the afternoon snack is to provide energy for exercise, and the supplement after exercise is to improve the effect of burning fat, repair muscles, and reduce fatigue.

If you eat first, reserve about 100 calories when you eat dinner, that is, don’t eat too much. For these 100 calories, eat half a banana or 100ml of milk after exercise.

In fact, we have always thought that digestion is good after exercise and that everything you eat will easily turn into fat, which is wrong. On the contrary, eating about 100 calories of high-carb, low-fat foods (such as bananas, low-fat milk, and fruits) after exercise can help us reduce post-exercise soreness, improve fat loss, and help lose weight.



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