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In our daily life, what details about physical health are often overlooked by us?

Maybe you have seen a very popular BBC documentary - "The Truth of Exercise". The research results of the documentary have subverted many people's common sense of sports. The following are some key points of the summary.

1. The calories that can be consumed by exercise are actually not many. It is not enough to lose weight by exercise alone. The key is to eat less;

2. The biggest hazard of blood lipids is not subcutaneous fat, but the fat accumulated in the internal organs;

3. In addition to consuming calories, exercise can also bring other benefits. For example, eating after exercise will increase the activity of enzymes related to fat metabolism and reduce blood lipid content.

4. Short-term high-intensity exercise (HIIT) is more effective than long-term moderate-to-low-intensity exercise, which can greatly improve the blood sugar metabolism of many people, prevent diabetes, and improve oxygen supply capacity;

5. Sitting for a long time is a health killer. Be careful not to sit for more than an hour and pay attention to hyperactivity;

6. The best way is to increase NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis)) and insist on HlT (high intense training), the former is to move at all times to prevent sedentarily, the latter is a very short period of extremely high-intensity exercise, which is very beneficial to physical health.



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