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Key elements for maintaining gut health

The intestine is called the "most tired organ" of the body - it digests and absorbs food continuously every day to provide enough nutrients and is the "nutrition production center" of the human body. In fact, its function is much more than that. It is also the largest micro-ecosystem in the human body. The human micro-ecosystem includes four micro-ecosystems of the oral cavity, skin, urinary tract, and gastrointestinal tract, and the intestinal microbial biomass accounts for the total microbial biomass of the human body. 78%, about 60% to 70% of the immune cells of the human body are assembled, becoming a natural barrier to maintaining human health, and it can also be described as the "largest" immune organ of the human body. Therefore, gut health is very important!

So how can you maintain a healthy gut? To maintain intestinal health, the most important thing is to maintain the balance and stability of the intestinal flora! The balance of intestinal flora can play the normal physiological functions of the intestinal tract, such as nutrition, immunity, digestion, etc.

The intestinal flora needs to maintain "stability", because its stability shoulders the responsibility of human beings to resist infectious diseases caused by intestinal pathogens. There are three types of gut flora:

Beneficial bacteria: Active microorganisms that are beneficial to the human body.

Neutral bacteria: Neutral bacteria are "biased" toward a larger number of bacterial species, and their properties will change with the change in human conditions.

Harmful bacteria: Microorganisms that can easily cause physical diseases.

When the intestinal flora is balanced: If the intestinal environment is healthy and the beneficial bacteria are dominant, they can break down food into useful nutrients, promote the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, and inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria, preventing harmful bacteria from making harmful materials. As long as the intestinal flora is balanced and the intestinal environment is good, those food chemical additives or substances that cannot become nutrients can be excreted before they start to harm the body.



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