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Many people don't know the value and function of oat extract

Oat is a relatively drought-tolerant, cold-tolerant, shade-loving, long-day plant. Oat contains many active ingredients with unique effects. In addition to eating for healthcare purposes, what makes people remember is its cosmetic effect. In ancient times, ancestors knew to use oat to clean the skin, relieve itching, sunburn, and other problems. The method of use is to add water and mash it and apply it directly to the face.

With the development of science and technology today, scientists can accurately analyze which active ingredients in oatmeal can effectively improve skin problems. The most popular and used in the cosmetic industry is oat beta-glucan.

Oat-glucan: the active substance in oats

Oat β-glucan has a unique molecular structure with long linear sugar chains and no branches, so that it has a large hydration volume, and the molecular chains are intertwined with each other to form a continuous "network structure". The water contained in the skincare product itself and the water in the air can interact with it through "polar bonds" and "hydrogen bonds", easily network water and lock a lot of water, so that the skin can be hydrated and moisturized. Efficacy, when it penetrates from the intercellular space of the stratum corneum to the cells of the spinous layer, can enhance the activity of "Langerhans cells" and strengthen skin tolerance.

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