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Physiological activity and utilization status of marigold extract

Marigold flowers can be used as the main plant-based source for extracting lutein, and the human body can obtain lutein through food intake, which has the effect of preventing age-related macular degeneration. Lutein can also prevent a variety of chronic diseases and has the functions of anti-cancer, anti-cardiovascular disease, and improving immunity.

Physiological activity of marigold extract-lutein:

1. Antioxidant

Lutein, as a class of tetraterpenoids, is rich in conjugated double bonds and has a strong ability to scavenge free radicals, which can effectively prevent oxygen-free radicals from damaging cells.

marigold flowers

2. Inhibit cardiovascular disease

To a certain extent, marigold extract lutein can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

Current status of utilization of marigold extract lutein:

Lutein is a type of carotenoid, and related studies have shown that it has a clear effect on preventing eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration. At present, marigold extract - lutein is widely used in the production of health food and dietary supplements as a health food raw material.



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