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Precautions for children's diet in spring

In spring, the temperature changes frequently, the body resistance of young children is weak, and pathogenic bacteria are easy to multiply in the body of young children, resulting in diseases of young children. Therefore, it is necessary to add enough nutrients to young children to improve their immunity and resist various diseases, and pay more attention to the rich and balanced daily nutritional intake of young children.

Based on the daily intake of various foods for children as a guide, formulate nutritional recipes for children according to the principles of meat and vegetarian food with balanced nutrition. In terms of food selection, focus on the diversification of dietary varieties, focusing on freshness and seasonality, choosing seasonal dishes of the season, and promoting natural food and a balanced diet.

In spring, the demand for vitamins for young children has also greatly increased. Various vegetables are rich in vitamins and trace elements, so they should eat more; young children grow and develop rapidly, and the body's demand for calcium nutrition also increases accordingly, soy products should be used in the diet. , fish and shrimp, seafood, and other foods. Avoid sweets, fried foods, and carbonated beverages as they can easily lead to calcium loss.

In spring, the growth rate of young children increases, and the demand for the high-quality protein of organs and tissues also increases. Therefore, eggs, fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, dairy products, and soy products should be appropriately added to the non-staple food than usual, and rice, millet, and red beans should be used more as the staple food.



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