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Rhodiola rosea extract, a nutraceutical with medicinal and skin care benefits

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Rhodiola rosea is the dry root and rhizome of Rhodiola crenulata ( Thoms.), a sedum plant. Rhodiola rosea is a perennial herb that mainly grows in areas with an altitude of 1,600 to 4,000 meters in high cold, dry, anoxic, strong ultraviolet radiation, and large temperature difference between day and night. Therefore, Rhodiola rosea has strong environmental adaptability and vitality.

China used Rhodiola rosea very early, and it has been recorded in many ancient books. In recent years, Rhodiola rosea has been further developed and researched. Studies have shown that Rhodiola rosea extract salidroside has various pharmacological effects such as anti-fatigue, anti-aging, immune regulation, and scavenging free radicals.

And what we are going to discuss today is the application of Rhodiola rosea extract in skin care.

1. Inhibit the formation of wrinkles

Wrinkles form when the skin loses moisture and collagen. Rhodiola rosea extract salidroside has the effect of inhibiting the decomposition of collagen, and because it grows in areas with strong ultraviolet rays, it has a strong ability to absorb water and moisturize, so Rhodiola rosea extract can indirectly inhibit wrinkles formation.

2. Help the skin resist ultraviolet radiation

Rhodiola rosea can inhibit the inflammatory response caused by sun exposure, promote metabolism, and regulate skin excretion and absorption.

3. Prevent melanin production

The formation of melanin is mainly due to the formation of dopamine and other substances in the body under the catalysis of tyrosine kinase, and Rhodiola rosea extract can inhibit the activity of tyrosine kinase, thereby preventing the production of melanin.



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