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Shitake mushroom Extract - What is lentinan and what does it do?

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Shitake mushroom

Shitake mushroom is a kind of fungus with edible value and medicinal value. Shitake mushroom has a delicious taste, rich fragrance, and rich nutrition, and is regarded as the "queen of mushrooms".

After selecting high-quality shiitake mushrooms, lentinan is an effective active ingredient in shiitake mushroom extract and is a host immune enhancer. What are the functions of lentinan?

1. Immunomodulatory effects

Shitake mushroom extract - lentinan is a typical T cell activator, which can promote the production of interleukin, promote the function of mononuclear macrophages, and is considered to be a special immune enhancer.

2. Antiviral effect

In recent years, some scholars have found that sulfated lentinan has a negative charge, which can prevent the virus from binding to host cells by way of receptor competition inhibition. At the same time, it has many mimic ligands of cell surface molecules, which can directly bind to cells and hinder the virus.

3. Anti-infective effect

According to reports, the antiviral effect of lentinan is related to its improvement of NK cell activity. The surface of polysaccharide molecules adheres to the surface of pathogens, which blocks the combination of pathogens and normal cell surface sugar molecules, thereby blocking its infection pathway. , Adenovirus type 12 and influenza virus infection have inhibitory effects.



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