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Sophora japonica extract - how effective is quercetin in improving immunity?

Quercetin is a natural flavonoid commonly found in vegetables, fruits, or nuts. In recent years, with the continuous discovery of the important biological activities of quercetin, more and more scientists have begun to pay attention to the application of quercetin in the field of human health.

Quercetin, also known as the "queen" of flavonoids, has been reported to be important in supporting a variety of health functions, such as improving blood circulation, enhancing immunity, protecting the body from viruses, and improving metabolism. Quercetin mainly uses Sophora japonica as plant raw material, and the main component of Sophora japonica extract contains quercetin.

Quercetin is immune-boosting: it helps maintain the health of the immune system and modulates the cytokine cascade that improves the stress response to viral infection.

Quercetin Improves Exercise Health: Supplementation with Sophora japonica extract - quercetin can help improve athletes' training performance, improve athletic performance, and reduce oxidative stress caused by exercise.



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