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Summer diet safety knowledge

In summer, the temperature is high, sweating more, drinking more water, the stomach acid is diluted, the secretion of digestive juice is relatively reduced, and the digestive function is weakened, which leads to loss of appetite. In addition, gluttony with raw and cold food causes gastrointestinal dysfunction or gastrointestinal discomfort due to unclean food. , and even food poisoning, therefore, the summer diet should be light and can promote appetite, so as to achieve the purpose of health care.

In a high-temperature environment, the human body's metabolic rate increases, the weather is hot, people sweat a lot, and every 100 ml of sweat contains 20-70 mg of nitrogen. If the diet can't keep up, it is very likely to cause a negative nitrogen balance. Back pain, dizziness, and other symptoms. Therefore, the intake of low-fat and high-quality protein such as egg milk, fish and shrimp, and soy products should be increased in moderation can cause anorexia.

In summer, it is necessary to eat on time, otherwise, the normal activities of the spleen and stomach will be disrupted, the physiological functions of the spleen and stomach will be disturbed, and stomach diseases will occur. Eat less raw and cold food, cold drinks, such as eating raw and cold food, drinking cold drinks, it will damage the spleen and stomach.



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