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Synephrine in Citrus aurantium extract may also support health

Citrus aurantium is the dried young fruit of lime or sweet orange. The fruit is collected from May to June, the impurities are removed, cut in half, and dried in the sun or at low temperature.

Synephrine is one of the Citrus aurantium extracts without any side effects and positive reactions and is widely used in medicine, food, beverages, and other health care industries. Compared with ripe citrus, the content of synephrine in Citrus aurantium is much higher than the former.

Citrus aurantium extract - Synephrine's main effects are:

1. Reduce the fat accumulation

Synephrine has the functions of promoting lipolysis, lowering blood lipids, oxidizing fat, controlling appetite, and losing weight. Therefore, synephrine is often used as an active ingredient in weight loss drugs.

2. Promote metabolism

Synephrine promotes appetite and accelerates metabolism by warming the stomach, effectively preventing heat accumulation.

3. Treat constipation

Synephrine is a laxative for constipation and a mildly fragrant expectorant.

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