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The absorption effect of Tongkat Ali is related to the way of consumption

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Tongkat Ali is a wild shrub plant that grows in the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia, and the maturity period is generally more than 5 years. The root of Tongkat Ali has multiple functions and is one of the three national treasures of Malaysia. Studies have shown that Tongkat Ali root extract contains many plant active ingredients, which can increase the production of testosterone, a hormone required for male sexual function and brain development.

Generally speaking, if you insist on taking Tongkat Ali for one or two months, you will see results, and a small number of people will take half a year to see results. In fact, the absorption effect of Tongkat Ali has a lot to do with the way you eat it.

1. It is recommended to drink Tongkat Ali supplements after meals because drinking on a full stomach will help the body absorb and absorb the nutrients of Tongkat Ali to the maximum extent.

2. The best water temperature for soaking Tongkat Ali is 100 degrees, in order to better release the nutrition of Tongkat Ali; if you boil water, it is recommended to cook for about 20 minutes; if you use it for soaking wine, the time is at least a month.

3. Tongkat Ali can be eaten alone, or it can be eaten with other health-preserving ingredients.

4. The effect of food tonic is relatively slow compared to direct supplementation of Tongkat Ali extract Eurycomanone. It is recommended to drink Tongkat Ali in water every day, which will have a better effect on nourishing the body.



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