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The application sector of echinacea has been expanding, and it can strengthens the immune system

In recent years, immunotherapy has been emphasized in medicine. It is one of the important directions of development of immunization promotion from natural herbs. The echinacea is in such a context to become a hot immunotropic and immunomodulators at home and abroad.

Echinacea extract is widely used in bronchial asthma and various infectious diseases and immune diseases; for promoting trauma healing and other skin diseases; immune regulation for patients with chemotherapy, to assist in improved leukocyte reduction caused by radiotlation.

Echinacea extract has a good anti-inflammatory effect. For general colds and trauma, flu, fluultitis, respiratory infections, tonsillitis, allergic diseases, etc. it has varying degrees of effect.

At present, echinacea extract is also widely used in animal health care in terms of animal health care, which can achieve the effect of prevention of imperative diseases, and enhance and improve the immunity and resistance of poultry and livestock.

JHD Corp uses the dry stems and leaves of echinacea, and they are extracted through the modern advanced production equipment and the extraction process. The echinacea extract is sold in home and abroad, mainly to provide quality in health products, food, medicine, cosmetics, feed industry and other industries.



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