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The digestive system is a scapegoat for emotions

If we are in a bad mood, it is our digestive system that hurts the most. Many people must have had the experience of having a stomachache or diarrhea when they are nervous and anxious. In fact, the digestive system is also the most vulnerable organ for children to express their emotions.

On the one hand, a bad mood will definitely affect the function of the digestive system, on the other hand, poor digestion will in turn affect the absorption of nutrients and aggravate the mood.

In any case, a problem with the gastrointestinal tract must be related to the stress of the body. This stress is not just working stress, not just psychological stress, but nutritional stress. All actions that cause nutrient loss are called stress. Nutritional stress obviously includes the first two as well!

Stress-relieving or anti-stress nutrients are protein, vitamin B group, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium.



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