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The elderly need to pay attention to these aspects in their diet

When people reach old age, there are many problems such as slow metabolism, reduced chewing, digestion, absorption capacity, and weakened immune function. The above problems directly determine the particularity of the diet of the elderly. So how should the elderly arrange a healthy diet and live a healthy life?

1. Fruits and vegetables as fresh as possible

Fresh, colored fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and rich in organic acids, which can stimulate appetite and maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids.

2. Eat as little as possible with each meal

The elderly need to eat a variety of foods, but the amount of each food should not be too much, and each meal should be seven or eight full.

3. Eat more high-protein, high-calcium foods

Such soy products, eggs, milk, etc. are high-quality food, the elderly should eat regularly. Also, pay attention to eating more fish and less pork. The main source of sugar is staple food and fruits and vegetables, try to reduce the consumption of white sugar, brown sugar, and granulated sugar.

4. As much food as possible

No one food can contain all the nutrients the human body needs. Therefore, we should eat a variety of foods such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, bacteria, and algae every day, and pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables and the combination of tastes.



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