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The functions and benefits of grape seed extract proanthocyanide 95%

Grapes are one of our common fruits, so grape seeds are also very common but very valuable. Grape seed is used as an extract in various cosmetics, health care, and other products.

Grape seeds are derived from the seeds sieved from the dry residue after juicing the ripe grapes of the grape family. It can be said that this resource is widely distributed.

Grape seed extract mainly includes proanthocyanidins, grape seed oil, resveratrol, vitamins, tannins, etc., all of which have beauty and health care effects.

The proanthocyanidins contained in grape seed extract proanthocyanide 95% have a strong antioxidant capacity. Its antioxidant effect is 50 times that of VE and 20 times that of VC. Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract has a bioavailability of 85% in the human body.

Secondly, the mass fraction of VE in grape seed oil is also very high, which can reach 360μg/g. And VE can speed up the removal of damaged cells and aging cells, protect regenerative cells and new cells, and maintain moisture so that it can delay skin aging.



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