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The health benefits of elderberry are surprising

Elderberry extract is the fruit of elderberry, harvested in summer and autumn, dried in the sun, and then used as medicine.

After the elderberry is used as medicine, it has a good dehumidification effect. Many elderberries are soaked in white wine and made into medicinal wine, which is applied to the painful area, and the pain will be relieved quickly.

At the same time, elderberry is also a kind of Chinese medicinal material that can stop bleeding and relieve pain. It can improve the convergence ability of human beings and can quickly stop bleeding. When people usually have traumatic bleeding, they can grind the elderberry into a fine powder and apply it directly to the wound to stop the bleeding quickly, and significantly reduce pain symptoms. Likewise, elderberry extract is used directly in pain relievers.

Elderberry has a very good meaning for human bones. It can promote the regeneration of broken bones. When people experience swelling and pain caused by fractures, they can be directly treated with elderberry. After making an ointment, apply the elderberry on the outside, and insist on changing the dressing every day.

At the same time, elderberry has a very positive effect on human skin. Usually, it can be used for the treatment of common diseases such as human dermatitis and eczema, which can restore the skin to health as soon as possible. In addition, using elderberry leaves to boil water to wash the face can also nourish delicate skin, improve skin elasticity, and effectively delay skin aging.



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