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The importance of vitamin supplementation in children

Children who are in the stage of growth and development consume relatively more nutrients each day than adults. Vitamins are essential components in the body's metabolism and regulation of normal cell physiological functions, so it is indispensable to maintaining children's growth and development.

In theory, if a child can maintain a balanced diet on a daily basis, he should be able to get enough vitamins from food, which means that as long as the diet is balanced, the child does not need additional vitamins. However, in real life, due to the limitations of many factors, such as food processing, overcooking, busy life rhythm, children's unreasonable eating habits, etc., it is often difficult to achieve a balanced intake of multivitamins in daily meals.

The important role of vitamins:

The lack of vitamin A can affect the child's bone development and vision; the lack of B vitamins can affect the normal metabolism of the body's tissues; the lack of vitamin C can affect the child's absorption of calcium, iron, and folic acid.



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