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The important role of digestive health

The health of the respiratory system and the health of the digestive system determine the quality of our acquired life and are the first factors to be considered in the daily health maintenance process. If your digestive system is healthy, you can do more with less by maintaining the health of your other systems.

The reasons why the digestive system is so important are:

1. The digestive system undertakes the important function of digesting and absorbing nutrients in food. If the function of the digestive system is abnormal, it will affect the body's acquired nutrition supply.

2. In the digestive system, important resources of the body's immune system are accumulated, which is a very important line of defense for the body. If the immune barrier of the digestive system is damaged, it can trigger all kinds of inflammation, which can lead to all kinds of health problems.

3. The gut of the digestive system concentrates a large number of nerve cells, and changes in the health of the digestive system will affect many of our emotional responses.

4. The digestive system is not only a very important nutrient entry system but also a very important excretory system for the body. The body can only maintain a healthy state when it is in a balanced state.



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