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The important role of traditional Chinese herbal extracts in the field of veterinary drug feed

Chinese herbal medicine has the advantages of extensive functional effects, two-way regulation, few side effects, low residues, and no drug resistance. Due to the advantages of Chinese herbal medicine, the development of herbal extract is faced with an unprecedented opportunity. Vigorously researching and developing Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese herbal medicine feed additives is an important way to improve the international competitiveness of Chinese veterinary medicine products.

Chinese herbal extracts have the following remarkable characteristics:

1. Chinese herbal medicines are naturally processed to maintain their natural structure and activity. At the same time, they are a kind of food with special functions, natural things that people and animals digest and absorb.

2. Each traditional Chinese medicine is multifunctional. It is an organic complex of multi-structure components, which can produce various effects, and each component can produce compound effects. For example, there are more than 70 kinds of components in hawthorn, which can help digestion and absorption, Treat liver disease, strengthen the heart, and nourish the blood.

3. Herbal extract has no residual toxicity. Chinese herbal medicine is a kind of food with special effects, and it has been screened by humans and animals for a long time. Natural organic matter. Humans and animals have enzymes that catabolize them, so they can be absorbed, decomposed, and excreted normally.

Chinese herbal extract feed additive is a product developed under the conditions of modern and intensive aquaculture production, taking advantage of traditional Chinese medicine for disease prevention and health care, promotion of production performance, and low toxicity and side effects.

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