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The nemesis of exercise fatigue - valine

Valine is an optically active compound and is divided into L-type and D-type. In animals, the L-valine is easily absorbed by the intestinal wall, and its physiological effect is twice that of the D-valine. At the same time, valine is also one of the three branched-chain amino acids and has a wide range of applications in human nutrition additives, feed additives, condiments, medicines, pesticides, and healthcare products.

1. Used as a feed additive

As one of the essential amino acids in animals, it is an amino acid necessary for poultry growth and feather development.

Secondly, valine plays the role of oxidative energy supply, regulating amino acid and protein metabolism, improving lactation performance, and enhancing immunity in cattle.

2. For amino acid drugs

L-valine is one of the three branched-chain amino acids (BACC), which can be used together with other essential amino acids to formulate amino acid infusions and comprehensive amino acid preparations. Valine can provide energy reserves for long-term endurance exercise, promote the synthesis of muscle protein, and delay the appearance of exercise-induced fatigue.



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